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Chinese Medical Ethics

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The Journal of Chinese Medical Ethics is administrated by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and hosted by Xi'an Jiaotong University, and is currently the only large-scale academic professional journal on medical ethics and bioethics in China. It was founded in 1988 and was open to the public at home and abroad, CN61-1203/R, ISSN1001-8565, was published on the 25th of each month and has published more than 190 issues.


Since 2003, it has been the core journal of China's science and technology. In 2008, it was selected as the first WHO medical index of the Western Pacific Region, joined China National Knowledge Internet, Wanfang Data, VIP China sci-tech periodical full-text database, China Biomedical Literature Database, Superstar and other major domestic database, and realized the full-text online reading through self-organized website. Readers can log on the website of this Journal (http://yxllx.xjtu.edu.cn/) to read all the articles in this Journal for free.

Since its inception, the Journal has actively served the development of medical ethics, paid close attention to practical problems in the field of medicine and health, persisted in helping to deepen health reform and building harmonious doctor-patient relationship, promoted the construction of medical ethics and timely discussed the hot issues of bioethics, playing an important role in improving the medical ethics and professionalism of medical researchers, clinicians and ethics examiners.

The Journal attaches importance to the exchanges with international academic community, and continuously enhances international academic exchanges and cooperation by translating and publishing articles and special articles of overseas experts and holding international academic exchange activities.

The Journal insists on the combination of theory with practice, and the echoes each other of the basic and frontier. The published articles not only have the basic theoretical research of medical ethics, but also the problems and experience exchange of medical ethics principles in medical clinical and scientific research applications; they not only focus on the study on traditional medical ethics and doctor-patient relationship, but also extend its reach to the forefront of medical development, focusing on ethical, legal and social issues in areas such as euthanasia, organ transplantation, assisted reproductive technology and digital medicine. The Journal encourages academic contends, pays attention to cross-disciplinary integration, continuously deepens reforms, optimizes columns, and builds a broad arena for exchanges and collisions of different ideas.

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