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Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine

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The journal is affiliated to The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, formerly affiliated to The Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. It is sponsored by the Xi’an Jiaotong University, supported by Chinese Medical Doctor Association Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Branch,  Chinese Medical Association Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology Branch, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Beauty Specialized Committee and Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine Medical Cosmetology Specialized Committee. It is monthly magazine (ISSN 1008-6455, CN 61-1347/R). It was tested run in 1991, founded in 1992.

This journal is one of The Source of Scientific Papers Statistical Journals in China, and is The hey Magazine of China Technology. It has been collected by many large medical databases and retrieval organizations at home and abroad, such as Chemical Abstracts (America), Abstract Journal (Russian) , etc. Based on the comprehensive statistical analysis of the online reading of Chinese periodicals in Europe and America by the international famous network Longyuan Journal Network, it was listed as the top 100 periodicals for its good academic quality and far-reaching international influence.

It  has the advantages of short editing period, large information capacity, good graphics and practicality. The main columns include Plastic Aesthetics, Dermatological Aesthetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine Aesthetics,  Maxillofacial Aesthetics,  Tooth Aesthetics,  Ophthal Mological & Otorhinolaryingological Aesthetics, Basic Study, Subject Dynamics, Nursing Aesthetics, Overview and Lectures, etc. It is a good friend and necessary reading material for clinicians, professional beauticians and those engaged in research, teaching and management of cosmetic medicine.





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