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CHINA DIGITAL CABLE TV is the first digital cable TV professional periodical in China, which is authorized by Ministry of Science and Technology and General Administration of Press and Publication.

Its host unit is Xi’an Jiaotong University and its governing unit is The Ministry of Education of the People‘s Republic of China (MOE).

It starts publication in October, 1993. From 1995, its style is monthly, except from 2000 to 2007, it published as bi-monthly.

Its special characteristics are that famous university found famous periodical, namely, it inherits excellent tradition of Xi’an Jiaotong University such as discipline, practicality, developing and creativity.

Depending on experts and scholars, it always places the journal editing quality in the first place.

It survives and develops through quality.

It always stands in the frontier of the development of Chinese cable TV, wastes no time for the development of Chinese cable TV business lobby, has played an incomparable role, establishes an unshakable status, obtains affirmation and support from central authorities departments and radio and television departments, the network department, industry experts, scholars and engineering and technical personnel in every provinces and cities.

We know with sober-head that, for a market-oriented periodical, administrative advantage cannot replace quality superiority.

This periodical has the broadest readership and distinguished honor reputations because of high quality and incessant developing and trailblazing.

The periodical office often starts national academic discuss and technical training. In fact, it has successfully hold tenth cable television seminar, including technical training, which has generated nice reverberation.

From 2002,we hold twice technical training and once academic discuss each year.

Welcome you!

At the same time, as an influential radio & television media periodical, we attend many important professional trade shows each year.

So if selecting CHINA DIGITAL CABLE TV you should have chosen a good image and tenor as well as a high quality and benefit.

CHINA DIGITAL CABLE TV periodical office has specially invited a lot of famous specialist acting as her editorial board and technical adviser who come from broadcasting & television general office, information industry ministry, Cable Television Network Companies, enterprise and university. It also has a piece of steady author group that have been on technique leading edge.

The editorial policy of CHINA DIGITAL CABLE TV is that technology act as trunk, grassroots act as heading, and syntheses act as feature. It pays equal attention to popularization and elevation, outshots at practical guidance. Her most column is:

Feature articles—be possessed of global guidance content manuscript, especially about leader‘s speech of broadcasting television general office, including policy, administration, technology and so on.

Overview—analyzes and landscape towards important technique and policy matter.

Technical exchange—on exchange and discuss CATV latest condition and operative technology.

Network construction—how to built a scientific, advanced, safe, multifunctional cable television network?How to create favorable network construction environment?How to manage and keep up with the newest cable television network?This column affords emphatic discussion.

Network service—Emphasis on introducing CATV value and service.

Satellite television—to combine with satellite and network is a key feature in our national CATV at present. With satellite television technical developing, CATV should certainly be affected. This column discusses how to view full screen and promote development effectively.

Practical lecture—a serial form introducing CATV practical technique, paying equal attention to popularization and elevation.

 The readership of CHINA DIGITAL CABLE TV include running, building and planning to build CATV or broadcasting TV network‘s management echelon, engineers, purchasing officers and enterprise decision makers.

Its readership covers four centre aspects, namely network operation, system equipment and its solutions, consume electrical terminal and value-added services.

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