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Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics

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Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics (CJAM) was founded in the year of 1984. It is a central academic journal approved and issued by the previous National Science and Technology Commission. The main purpose of the Journal is to reflect the application of modern mechanics in engineering practice, to exchange new achievements timely in solving practical engineering problems by modern mechanics theory, computational methods and experimental techniques. The content involves fluid, vibration, strength, etc. This journal has the columns of academic research paper, research brief, discussion and exploration, comprehensive review, engineering application and so on. The audience is engineers and technicians, mechanics researchers and teachers and students of universities and colleges.

This journal is "China science and technology paper statistical source journal (China science and technology core journal)", indexed by the international famous database SCOPUS, the United States Applied Mechanics Review, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency Chinese literature database. It is also included in the "A Guide to the Core Journals of China", belongs to the mechanics core journal.

The journal is bimonthly, large 16 folio edition, with China unified issue no. CN61-1112 /O3 and international standard issue no. ISSN 1000-4939; The price of each periodical is 65 RMB, plus 10 RMB for postage and packing, with a total of 75 RMB for each periodical.

Editorial Department Address: Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xianning West Road No.28, Beilin District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

Tel: 029-82668756; 029-82665691

E-mail: cjam@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Journal homepage: www.cjam.xjtu.edu.cn

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