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Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics

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Journal information

Print ISSN: 1005-3085

bimonthly , 6 issues per year


The Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics is sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong University and China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of China. The journal is a comprehensively  engineering mathematical periodical publishing original manuscripts of high quality.

The Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics is one of the Chinese core journals on natural sciences and is abstracted/indexed in 12 famous Chinese and international data bases, such as Mathematical Review (MR), Japan Science and Technology Agency Database (JST), Abstract Journals (AJ-PЖ), Chinese Science Citation Index (CSCI), Chinese Mathematical Abstracts (CMA) and Wanfang Data-Periodicals (ChinaInfo).

Aims and scope

The Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics intends to publish manuscripts which devote to modern theoretical and methodological advances relating to different areas of applied mathematics. Manuscripts to be considered for publication include but not limited to: original quantitative analysis with practical and/or industrial backgrounds, and mathematical studies about applied results and/or methods to economical and technological fields. Manuscripts stressing relations and influences between mathematical methodology and industrial and technological practices will be particularly relevant. In addition, special issues which dedicates to some specific topics of current interests will be published now and then.

The Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics fills a major gap in the mathematics and industry literature, providing a unique viewpoint between mathematics and applied and practical industries. The journal's main objective is to provide a Chinese top platform for the state-of-the-art in engineering mathematics, and to provide an exhaustive literature of the topic to Chinese and international readership.

Editorial board


Ta-Tsien LI

Associate Editors

Shuping Chen

Zhiming Chen

Zhiping Chen

Jin Chen


Dingzhu Du





Yaolin Jiang


Qun Lin

Yingming Liu





Yongji Tan

Songgui Wang

Jinxing Xie

Chengxian Xu


Qixiao Ye

Yaxiang Yuan

Jiangshe Zhang

Pingwen Zhang

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