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Medical Education Research and Practice

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Medical Education Research and Practice (ISSN 2096-3181 CN 61-1507/G4) (the former name: Northwest Medical Education) is supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by Xi'an Jiaotong University. Founded in 1982 and started public issuing (post issuing number 52-133) nationwide in 1993, it is one of the earliest medical education academic journals in China. Over the years, in line with the concept of “Focusing on China and Expanding to the World”, the editing staffs of the journal follow tightly with the latest medical education research achievements in China as well as in the world, making the journal an excellent platform for faculties, researchers and medical graduate students in various medical schools and their affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals to hold medical educational academia seminars, present the latest medical education reform achievements and exchange their medical education experiences.

At present, the journal has attracted numerous readers and writers from every city, province and autonomous region of China, even Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as foreign countries to refer to the journal as a scholarly mentor for their medical education and teaching practice. The academic papers published in this journal basically represent the latest and most comprehensive theoretical achievements in the medical education field both in China and even in the world, therefore, it is also one of the reference tools for relevant scholars to study the current situation of Chinese medical education and to promote reform in this field.

Main Columns: Medical Innovation Education, Medical Students' Entrepreneurship Education, Silk Road Medical Education Research, Teacher Team Construction, Foreign Medical Education, Foreign Medical Students Education, Integrated Medical Education, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ethnic Medical Education, Transitional Medical Education, Comparative Medical Education, Medical Students Ideological and Political Education, Medical Humanities Quality Education, New Methods For Medical Education, Medical Students Employment, Public and General Medical Education, etc.

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