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The Journal of Modern Urology

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The Journal of Modern Urology, first published in 1996 and publicly released in 2000, is a professional academic periodical in the field of urology sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Xi ' an Jiaotong university. It mainly reports the latest scientific research achievements and clinical diagnosis and treatment experience in the field of Urology and andrology. There are such columns as Medical Humanities·Health China, Expert Forum, Medical Safety COnsensus, Clinical Research, Basic Research, Frontier Hot News , Summary, Short Articles and Cases, Recommendations of Editor-in-Chief--the Discussion of Multi-Disciplinary Medical Records. It is necessary for clinical urology, andrologists, medical college teachers and students in daily study and work.

 This journal has a strong professional strength, a strong lineup of editorial boardwhich is composed of well-known experts and scholars in the domestic urinary profession. In recent years, under the leadership of the relevant departments, with the concern and support of editorial board, authors and readers, and with the joint efforts of editors, the academic level of the journal and the quality of editing and proofreading have steadily improved, which have been affirmed and loved by urological professionals.The Journal of Modern Urology is the source periodical of Chinese Science and Technology paper statistics (China Science and technology core periodicals)it is included in the Chemical Abstracts of the United States; it is also included in the full-text database of Chinese periodicals, the database of Chinese scientific and technological journals, and the scientific and technological journal groups of Wanfang database system. In 2005, it was awarded the Excellent Journal Award of Shaanxi Science and Technology Periodicals; in 2006, it was awarded the First Chinese University Characteristic Science and Technology Periodicals Award by the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education; in 2009, it was awarded the Excellent Journal Award of National Science and Technology Periodicals; in 2016, it was awarded the Chinese University outstanding Science and Technology Periodicals Award. At present, The Journal of Modern Urology is thriving with vitality.

The Journal of Modern Urology is a monthly publication, 210×285mm, and published within 25 days of odd months. Price per period: 15 yuan; post code: 52-244.

We sincerely welcome the vast number of writers, readers and friends to continue to pay attention to and support this journal, actively contributing and subscribing!

Editorial office address: Editorial Department of modern Urology Journal, No. 76, Yanta West Road, Xi'an, China

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