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Chinese Journal of Child Health Care

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Chinese Journal of Child Health Care (ISSN 1008-6579, CN 61-1346/R) , the only professional journal on child health care in China, is monthly published by both Xian Jiao Tong University and Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and is supervised by Ministry of Education, China.

Aims and Scopes

Chinese Journal of Child Health Care, launched in 1993, is a broad-based scholarly journal dedicated to improving the qualities of child healthcare providers and facilitating the healthy development of children. By publishing scholar reviews, original research studies and case reports, Chinese Journal of Child Health Care aims to build a communication platform for researchers to share the advancement and experience of child health care at home and abroad, as well as to introduce appropriate technologies.



Chinese Journal of Child Health Care is abstracted and indexed in the Core Journals of China (2011), Source Journals for China Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations Database (CSTPCD), American Chemical Abstracts (CA), Abstracts Journal (AJ) in Russia, CNKI, Wanfang database and China Biomedical Database (CBM).



Chinese Journal of Child Health Care has been awarded as the first prize and the excellent prize in the serial journals of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association for several times over the past decades.


Papers falling into the following categories will be considered for publication: Scholar review、Original article、Experiment research、Meta-analysis、Reviews、Experience sharing、Clinical research、Health education、Appropriate technologies and Case report.


Fields of particular interest to the journal include (but are not limited to):

• Child nutrition and growth (including early nutrition and neonatal nutrition, dietary balance, nutrition and metabolism, growth and development of school-age children).

• Prevention and treatment of neonatal diseases (including neonatal jaundice, asphyxia, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, birth defects and congenital diseases).

• Psychological and behavioral healthcare in children (emotion education in early childhood, mental retardation, Adolescent behavioral and mental diseases) .

    • Prevention and treatment of pneumonia, anemia, rickets and diarrhea. 

    • Unintentional injuries (including correlation between environmental issues and children's health, unintentional injuries, child abuse and neglect issues).

    • Others ( eye care, hearing care, advance of molecular biology in child health care).


Readers & Authors

Readers of Chinese Journal of Child Health Care cover those engaged in teaching, research and management on child health care, pediatricians, child health care providers as well as doctors in primary and secondary schools.

Authors of Chinese Journal of Child Health Care include core group, periphery group and interdisciplinary group.

  • Core group: such as health care providers in hospitals, mostly are doctors.

  • Periphery group: those engaged in the disease prevention and management of women and children.

  •  Interdisciplinary group: most are pediatricians.

Editorial staff

Editor in chief: YANG Yu-feng

Editorial director:LEI Xiao-mei

Editors:LI Shao-wen, YANG Yuan-yuan, WANG Yue

Typesetter:WANG Shu-min

Editorial officer:CHANG Le





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